Thursday, May 10, 2007

The beginning...

Family portraitSo this is our blog for all of our out-of-town friends and family to keep up with us. It's funny: one of the reasons we bought this big house was so that we would have room for people to stay when they visited us. We've noticed, the more and more children we have had, the fewer and fewer visitors we've had. Wimps! I tell ya wimps! Hence, this snazzy blog. You can keep up with our growing "angels" as they adventure in growing up. In case you've forgotten, I'll recap each one a little for you:

man this box is tight, who is 3 years old, is by far our most outgoing child. His intelligence absolutely keeps me on my toes. CJ and I have to make sure we keep him busy. He really enjoys figuring things out (i.e. child locked door knobs, dead bolt locks, etc.) so we go check on him when it gets a little quiet. He loves being tickled and he enjoys being a big brother to Jonah and Judah.

JonahHahahahaha, our resident sensitive child, loves animals. Dogs are his favorite. He has been known to chase a squirrel or 2. Jonah is our cuddler and he doesn't like to share his mom and dad time with his brothers. He is talking more and more understandable these days and he used the potty for the 1st time the other night! YAY! We are dwindling down to being a 1 diaper household! One of Jonah's absolute favorite things to do is to help me wake Judah in the mornings.

Judah' is the baby and truly enjoys watching his brothers. He isn't one for being by himself and likes of activity. His personality has yet to show its true colors, but it looks as though he will be great mix of Cole and Jonah. He enjoys people just until he's had enough of them.

We hope you enjoy our blog and find something to bless you, or in the least, to make you laugh!


LeslieW. said...

Yea!!!!Welcom to the bloggie world! You'll find it is such a great creative outlet!

Abby and Reese said...

Just a thought...could you call it "Sugar's Shack?" That's what I listed on my link...thought it was cute.

Dena said...

YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!! I am SOOOOOO excited you have a bloggie now!!!

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!!!


Amy said...

Hey Sugar,

Found your blog through Leslie and Dena's...Y'all have such a great group...Hope to talk to you soon!