Sunday, May 31, 2009

Small and Compact

Not many people can say they still get to bathe their 10 month old in the sink (and our sink is smaller than most standard sized sinks); but really?! How cute is she?!?!

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Feeling the Jeffcoat Love

I am definitely getting soft in my old age.

Last fall, we had a stray cat mosey up to our door with the loudest meow! Because the boys play outside so much, they fell in love with her and I agreed to feed her as long as she stayed OUTSIDE! When winter came, it was so cold and she looked o pitiful, so I gave in allowing her to come inside for a couple of nights. A couple led to many and now, Lola has become a permanent member of the Jeffcoat House. Ms. Lola decided we needed to expand and gave u some kittens 8 weeks ago. CJ and I were not amused. Having littel knowledge of how cats operate (we have always had dogs), we found out kittens nurse for about 6-8 weeks and then they can be separated for their mom. We took them to 7 and off they went. Now, as you can imagine, the boys- much to my chargrin- grew close to the kittens. I believe it was the whole "I want what I can'y have thing." because I wold not even let them hold them but once a week. But nonetheless, somehow, how all 5 kittens were named (a couple by me admittantly :) ).

As we are driving around several different places trying to find homes for these animals the boys still had in their minds that somehow, we would keep at least 3 of them: Kitten Batman, Kitten Robin, and Kitten Spider Man. When I finally came out of a door with an empty kennel, you would have thought I had just taken off a pinky toe of theirs. They began wailing and tearing their clothes in sorrow (nah, just kidding about the tearing clothes part)! My most pouty son said, "Mom, how could you do that? I never even got to say good bye!" My spunky one said the worst thing he could possibly think to call me, "Mama, you're a poopey diaper baby!" My logical thinker replied, "Mom, we could have kept at least one. We could take care of just one." Of course the baby was clueless.

We wrapped up our day going to McDonald's and eventually, I wasn' receiving the "Mom, you're so mean" look. Ms. Lola has an appointment to get spayed later next month.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

So Sad

It's me, the slackest blogger as of late.
I have come to the conclusion that I can not do it all. I can do anything just not everything (at once) and I need to choose what captures my heart, not necessarily my eye. So, for me, that has been facebooking (because it is like an online social cafeteria), cleaning (or trying to), cooking, playing with my kids, teaching them responsibility by staying in behind them while they do "chores", and teaching preschool. "Why would I teach preschool?" you may ask; it's simple: I love teaching! I have been trained in that field and I truly enjoy it. It's also an outlet for me as I enjoy researching and planning stuff. We are plannng to homeschool our children, so I had a brief time where I could serve other children and there became a need at the boys' preschool/ mother's moring out. It has left time for very little extra curricular activities for myself. When you have 4 kids, it's time consuming enough. Throw in a part time job (no matter how few hours), it makes things crazy. I really do not know how moms work full time and balance it all! Hats off to them! And I will admit, it's easy for me to lose focus and make certain things more important that they should be. I am so thankful for my husband who not only lets me stay home (even though we would benefit from the extra money), but encourages me to do so. I'm the type of person who would lose the balance in the wrong direction.

So, it's been about 6 months since I've posted. I better get busy- tomorrow ;).

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