Saturday, May 31, 2008

Down on the Farm and Redneck Wedding

It seems living out here in the "country" is beginning to seep into my children. They have always had a bit of country in them with them liking to run around naked and pee in the yard of our old neighborhood (we lived on the main entrance road)! While we were watching Charlotte's Web this morning Cole informed me that he was planning to have a barn with lots of animals to talk to and feed. He especially wanted a pig to play with. Yesterday he informed me he was planning to marry his Princess Abby at the Monster Truck Show. I did tell him I didn't think Ms. Leslie and Abby's Mimi would go for that! Get out your overalls and straw hats!!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Word-Ful Wednesday

Have you seen these?

They are a new staple in the Jeffcoat House! No mess (not even for my Judah) and even my picky eater likes them. We keep ours in the frig and heat them for about 10 seconds and viola! These days, we love all things convenient and mess-free!!

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Monday Meanderings and Meal Planner

Back on track- maybe...

After an afternoon in the children's e.r., an IRS debacle, some dental issues, a broken car window (2 weeks after taking comprehensive insurance off), Jonah's birthday and school parties, and some other let downs and disappointments I think we may be able to have a "normal" week. Preschool is officially out for the summer so the boys and I are looking forward to just being lazy this coming week and splashing around in the sprinkler and kiddie pool (I don't think I could handle all 3 of them at a big pool yet all alone). I have a daily schedule for them all planned out and I'm back on track with my menu planning.
We have 8 more weeks before Olivia arrives and we haven't even begun on her room. It is so funny how much things change from child to child. Cole's nursery was complete, organized, and stocked by month 6. I probably won't have Olivia's complete until after she comes home.
In the name of accountability, here is our planned weekly menu:


Black Bean Soup with Tortillas


Steak; Sweet Potatoes; Caesar Salad


Marinated Grilled Chicken Breasts; Sautéed Spinach; Croissants with Honey Butter


Shrimp Fettuccini Alfredo; Steamed Broccoli


Pizza and Cookies (A.K.A. Old Faithful)

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Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday!!

Happy 3 rd birthday, Jonah!

You have had an amazing year and have grown so much! Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and thankful God has trusted us with you!

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two-fer Tuesday

We have NOT had a good week- and it's only Tuesday! It's pretty depressing so I'll spare you the details, but my two-fer Tuesday is:

Two Lessons Learned From Trial and Tribulation

1) Never underestimate your children. They are brilliant, brave, and fiercely resilient. Under the most stressful of circumstances they surprise you the most with how encouraging, loving, and helpful they can be.

2) It constantly amazes me how God takes me to the brink of my breaking point and reels me back in. He is stretching me spiritually and psychologically at the same time this physical body of mine is being stretched out of whack. He constantly reminds me how faithful and steadfast He is above all. Just when I want to crawl into a ball and disappear, His light shines through and brightens my day. Thank you, Jesus!

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Jennisa, once again, has done an awesome bloggie make-over! We needed an update- BADLY; and with Olivia coming in July, we had to do a total redo. No longer will it be just "The boys and me." I will share with another female and, hopefully, have some additional girl power. The only other female in the house is our dog, Emma. She has gotten pretty lazy and bored with the boys AND me. Thanks, Jennisa! You rock and are awesome at what you do!

P.S. A shout out goes to Leslie, too! She came up with "Jeffcoat Jungle" which, consequently, is the same theme I am doing the boys' room.

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Thursday 13

13 Questions a Mom of More Than One Toddler Asks Daily
(at least in the Jeffcoat house):

1- When did I start preparing 2 different dinners?

2- Would I rather eat or sleep?

3- Are we really watching this movie again?

4- There are no kids in here, why is this movie still on?

5- It's quiet; what are they up to?

6- Do we have milk?

7- Does anyone have to use the potty before we go?

8- Who can I find to babysit (hard to come by when you have 3)?

9- Where is your brother?

10- How much longer until nap time?

11- Should I run over there now that he has fallen or see if he gets up right away?

12- How many p-nut butter and jelly sandwiches can they really eat in one week ( I really do cook, they just always prefer a sandwich instead)?

13- Do they need a bath tonight?

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Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Meanderings

Despite the lack of posts, things have been a hoppin' at the Jeffcoat House. Outside of the daily upkeep of 3 very active boys and an always on-the-go husband, we've been busy ready to house the boys in one room. My father-in-law came down and he and CJ built triple bunk beds. Our next adventure was finding a large enough dresser (at least 6 equal size drawers) that was affordable for us. Since CJ and I have had much of our furniture handed down to us from family or given to us as gifts, we didn't realize how expensive quality furniture is! WOWSA! We have found one, so now it's a matter of getting it to our house. I'm an antique furniture nerd and I was so excited to find this dresser- I love it! CJ is not so excited because this piece will be added to our other pieces which are horrendous for him to move. Anyway, all of that to say, we aren't done yet in the boys' room, therefore, we have not even begun on the nursery!

So, all extra time has been used to clean out, find creative storage solutions, and beginning to get things in some order my type A self can deal with; oh, and naps! I'll try to do better.

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