Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye!

After 14 months, we FINALLY got a contract on our house! A lady who was driving in our neighborhood looking around saw our for sale sign. She stopped while CJ was cleaning out the garage last week and wanted to look around. She explained she was opening a Japanese restaurant right down the street and was looking for a big house close by. There was only one other house with the same number of bedrooms for sale in the vicinity at the same price and it was an older home. When CJ spoke to her today, she said she was ready to put a contract on the house. Super Duper! So now we begin the fun process of packing. Send me all of your boxes! Oh, and we'll be having a garage sale soon. Rest assured, we won't be moving into anything this size right away.

Could It Be?!

..that we are actually doing something right? As a parent it's hard to know if you're getting through to your kids. I don't think you really know until they are old enough to go to someone's house and the host(ess) compliments them on their good manners; or maybe even when they get married and you see how they treat their spouse and raise their own children? Parenting is a tough job that has delayed gratification most of the time. Today, however, I got a glimpse that maybe CJ and I are on the right track from both of our older boys. Jonah kicked us off.
Cole and Jonah were fighting over race cars this morning. After giving them ample opportunity to work it our on their own, without saying a word, I took all the cars away from them and set them on the counter. About 5 minutes later, without any prompting, Jonah came to me in the kitchen and said, "Sorry, Mommy, for fighting." and turned around and walked back into the living room. Of course, my heart , melted and I let him choose one of the 3 race cars with which to play.

As for Cole: The rule at the YMCA is "No sucker if you get a time out." We eat very little candy at home, so my boys most definitely look forward to their Y suckers. As we were leaving the childcare, Jonah dug his hand into the sucker bucket to choose the perfect flavor. Cole took a bit longer to stick his hand in, but he too chose his favorite. As I was buckling Cole into his car seat and he was finishing up his cotton candy flavored dum-dum, he looked at me and said, "Mama, I got a time out today." I asked him why and he explained he threw a train because he had an angry heart. I reminded him that we don't get suckers if we get a time-out and although I was very proud of him for telling me, he was wrong to get a sucker. "Therefore, tomorrow, no sucker." "Yes, Mama." was his simple reply. My heart swelled that my child had taken initiative to confess his wrong doing.

Keep us steady, O Lord, even when we don't see the fruits of our labor right away. And, thank you for the times you allow us a glimpse!

Note: Let it be known I did find it funny Cole confessed after eating his sucker! ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

You Give Me Fever

Back and forth, back and forth! The boys keep passing a 24 hour fever back and forth. This is definitely one of the joys of parenting kids so close in age. When we get a bug we pass it around until the bug gets tired and leaves! I think everybody is clear now. No fever in anyone in the past 24 hours- YAY!

Friday, July 13, 2007

They really do love each other!

Despite how often Cole and Jonah fight, they really do enjoy each other. When CJ and I came home from date night, despite the fact Ms. Sarah had put Jonah in his own bed, he wound up in Cole's bed with him. Both of them were very comfortable and had books under the blanket!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Married

While sitting on my lap outside, Cole asked me for a kiss. When I gladly obliged, he said, "No, Mama, like this." Then he proceeds to move his mouth open and closed (His interpretation of how his dad and I kiss). I said, "You only kiss like that when you're married." Cole pulled his chin toward his neck sweetly and said, "I married to you, Mama."
"No, I'm married to Daddy. And besides what about your princess Abby?"
"Well, Abby is my princess, but you can be my married."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I've Been Tagged by my friend Hillary Rolston!

Five things I dig about Jesus!

The rules are simple:

1. Those tagged will share 5 things they DIG about Jesus!!
2. Those tagged will tag 5 other bloggers!

Here are my 5:

1. He laughs!

2. He likes to party!

3. He enjoys kids crawling all over him!

4. He tells the best stories when he teaches!

5. He defends me to God from the accuser!

I tag:

The Nelsons
Joel & Laurie

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

My Affair- A very random post

My love affair began in 1993 during my junior year of high school. Everybody knows back then it was your junior year of high school that counted for college entry so I studied harder that year than any other time. But, because I worked almost everyday after school, that meant many late nights. Those of you who know me, know I shut down close to 9:00 PM. My need for speed began.

I had always liked the smell of coffee but never the flavor. My mom and dad drank it religiously and my grandma even drank decaf! I could never understand that until…

When I started college, my need for coffee became an affection. Sadly, I got up to about 8 cups a day and the girls on my dorm floor knew I always had some brewing.

When CJ and visited Italy, I became a coffee aficionado (a.k.a. “an addict”) :). But, I did learn the art of drinking coffee. For instance, where we were in the northern part of Italy, coffee nor espresso were served to go. When I asked the café owner about it and he said to me, “Coffee is not meant to be a ‘to go’ drink; but, instead, it’s meant to be sipped and enjoyed- like life.” Drinking coffee is not about getting the caffeine buzz for me (although that is nice); I really do enjoy the full- bodied flavor of a good cup of coffee.

Now, a wife and a mom of 3, I still really do love my coffee. I am no where near drinking the 8 cups a day like in my prime, but I admit I must have a cup in the morning for my day to be pleasant. And, it must be a good cup to count. It must be strong, sweetened and creamed just right. I don’t feel like my day has begun unless I get to sit and enjoy my coffee. I have often tried to get up before my children to have my Jesus time and my good coffee. What a combo!

You may be one who appreciates fine chocolate or maybe designer fashion; but give me a good cup of coffee and you will bring a smile to my face and a bounce to my step! Add a beignet to it and we will be friends for life!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Movin' On Up!

Jonah is now officially in a big boy bed (I would post pictures but my batteries are always dead in my camera b/c we always leave it on hoping to get "the shot.")! Unfortunately, Jonah is also our early riser (like 6 AM). Instead of laying in his crib and possibly going back to sleep, he now comes downstairs and goes through a similar scenario each morning:

"Mama, you 'k?"
"No, Jonah. Mama is still sleeping. It's still night-night."
Pat gently on the face. "You still seeping, Mama. It's 'k. I want choc-choc."
"No, Jonah. It's still night-night. Wait until it's time to get up."

Jonah then leaves our room to go back upstairs to recruit some help. A few seconds later, here come Pete and Re-pete (a.k.a. Jonah and Cole). Cole says, "Mama, I hungry. Get up and fix my breakfast."
"No, Cole, it's still night-night. Lie down until it's time to get up."
"But, Mama," he replies, "the sun's up."

How can you argue with that? So, we begin our day with the infamous Choc-choc and breakfast.