Thursday, August 30, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Things About Me You May Not Know

1- I rebelled in college by getting an icthus tattoo

2- My college major was Bible and my minor was Youth Ministry (We did party hard at the Bible school- LOL!)

3- I am an introvert (YES I AM!)

4- I don't consider myself lazy, but I could sit on the couch ALL day and watch TV

5- I wanted to teach elementary school overseas

6- There was a time when I had more shoes than outfits to go with them (Then came marriage).

7- I ran track in high school (No, really I did!)

8- My favorite color is purple and my favorite flower is a daisy

9- I don’t like to listen to a soprano sing

10- I feel discombobulated when my car is messy (Which is all of the time these days!)

11- I have very dry skin but normal to oily face- what’s up with that?!

12- My favorite disciple is John, the Beloved

13- I am afraid of heights- Like I don’t even like going across the bridge!

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Monday, August 27, 2007

Moving Tales

Really?! I mean, I know things could be so much worse, but the moving experience has not been so much fun yet. Here are a couple of stories to read if you think you're having a bad day.

Rain, Rain

First off, let us give a super shout out to our awesome friend, Kane, daddy of the Wright Girls! He would not say this to us right now, but we know how much he detests moving; yet, he still helped us yesterday! Thanks, Kane! So CJ and Kane brought a load of stuff up to Columbia yesterday (Sunday- oh yeah, did I mention Kane takes his Sabbath very seriously and truly likes to take advantage of the day of rest- Thanks, again, Kane!). On the way up, our tarp tore and then blew off. That was not a big deal until they hit a torrential rain storm. All of our stuff on the trailer got soaked! When they got to the storage unit, it was still raining like a mad dog but we had to unload! We started an assembly line- me on the trailer, CJ taking boxes from the trailer, and Kane putting the boxes in the storage unit. Well, CJ slipped and fell hurting his wrist and bloodying up his knee (Note to self: wet metal + sneakers= bad fall). Meanwhile, I AM SOAKED. I have on these thin khaki colored pants which now can be seen straight through. Praise the Lord my undies were dark colored so you couldn't see through those! Needless, to say, unloading was an adventure. Oh, yeah, it stopped raining right after we finished unloading.


While at Target in Lexington, Cole got super excited about going to see the Thomas trains. As he was running he slid and hit his chin on the wheel on the buggy. I picked him up tp console him, and when I lifted his head up to dry his eyes, there was this clean deep gash. It was obvious he needed stitches. I calmly called CJ over and asked if he could take Cole to the bathroom to get a wet papertowel while I took Jonah and Judah to the car. We went to the doctor and Cole ended up with 3 sutures which will come out next week. Of course, there were medical posters in the "surgery room" of the digestive system; so here I am explaining in toddler-ease how the digestive system works as we wait for the doctor to come in. I'll be posting pictures in the next day or so (of the sutures, not the digestive system :) ).

I'm pressed but not crushed
persecuted not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed
I'm blessed beyond the curse
for His promise will endure
And His joy's gonna be my strength
Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning...

~Darryl Evans (Lyrics to "Trading My Sorrow")

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Thursday 13

Seeing the bus turn into our neighborhood reminds me of all the stuff I meant to do over the summer (As most of you know my last 3 summers I have been unable to get things done with a big belly and/or nursing baby.); hence here is my Thursday 13:

Thirteen Things I Meant to do Over the Summer

1- Sit in my rocking chair on my front porch more

2- Paint my half bathroom

3- Plant and grow some tomatoes

4- Can some of my tomatoes as well as some of my dad’s veggies he grew

5- Eat better- i.e. more protein

6- Get more pedicures

7- Go to the beach (We’ve only been twice and once it rained - sad)

8- Teach the Cole and Jonah how to swim (I actually tried to do this, but I think they were too young still)

9- Put a gazebo-thing on my back patio

10- Plant flowers in the front yard

11- Take a family vacation

12- Change my light bulbs to energy-saving ones (I know I can still do this one, but summertime seemed the time to do it.)

13- Play outside more with the boys

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Tune in Tokyo

If you're practicing the Growing Kids God's Way (a.k.a. Baby Wise) model of teaching your children discretion, you may not want to read this post.

I was changing today in my bathroom and Jonah comes in and sees my breasts. He has seen them before, but for some reason seemed more fascinated today. He wraps his arms around my waist, and by default, I aways bend down to hug him. Of course, after 3 babies, and no bra on, the girls were swinging a little low. They land on Jonah's head, and he looks up and says, "Those are your breasts, Mama?"
"Yes, Jonah, those are my breasts."
Without skipping a beat, Jonah reaches up and grabs the most sensitive part (you know) and says, "I grabbin' Mama's breasts." and starts laughing.

If any of your daughters will ever be my daughters-in-law, I apologize now.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lil Mama

Today the boys and I went to Burger King for lunch and Ms. Sarah came with Abby and Reese too! The boys, Abby, and I were in the play area while Ms. Sarah was with Reese eating lunch and Jonah got "stuck" up top and started crying. Abby said, "I toming, Jonah, I toming to get you!" She looked at me and said, "I go get Jonah, Ms. Sugar, he's just stared (scared)." I just wanted to sop her up with a biscuit!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007


The boys and I love breakfast so we ate it tonight for supper (pancakes- yum!).

Cole: "Dad, time to eat."
Me: "Daddy doesn't like pancakes for supper, Cole"
Cole: "Awww, what's wrong with him?"
Me: "He's a weirdo."
Cole: "Yeah, he is a weirdo."

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Things I say to my boys (Sometimes daily, but not necessarily in this order)

1- “Good Morning!”

2- “That is too rough.”


4-“No, we cannot watch Thomas- AGAIN!”

5- “You’re talking too loudly.”

6- “We don’t have any milk (because they go through 2 gallons a week!).”

7- “No, you can not have a popsicle for breakfast!”

8- “Pull up your pants! We do not pee in the front yard!”

9- “Stop jumping on the couch!”

10- “I love you!”

11- “Stop running in the kitchen!”

12- “Do you have to be in the bathroom with me?!”

13- “Don’t bring that bug inside. I don’t care if he’s your buddy and I don’t care if he’s dead!”

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Cookie Monster

Judah has discovered the chocolate chip cookie. I think he likes it.

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Thursday 13

It's only 11:08 PM, so I make the cut

13 Songs I would play if MY PLAYLIST WOULD WORK!

Could Not Ask for More- Edwin McCain

Boombastic- Shaggy

Regulators- Warren G and Nate Dog

(That's right- kickin' it old school! Don't make me break out Beastie Boys!)

Creed- Third Day

My Sacrifice- Creed

King- Tree 63

Slide- Goo Goo Dolls

Unwell- Matchbox 20

At Last- Etta James

What I’d Say- Ray Charles

It’s My Life- Bon Jovi

Who Knew- Pink

Just Older- Bon Jovi

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Year of Bronze

Day before yesterday (8/7) was mine and CJ's 8th anniversary. Our lives have gotten so hectic I didn't even get this posted on time. So, here is my Ode to CJ:

It is a miracle we are together. Neither of us had planned to marry, much less each other! Our story is very funny and so... us! There was little romance, but, oh, so much excitement. I couldn't imagine any one else I could spend my life with. Both of us had other options on different people to marry- believe it or not. I can't speak for his lady choices (as grand as they were); but my choices for gentlemen were constant, steady, and predictable. But that isn't what I wanted. Even in the height of my relationships with these guys I knew they weren't who God had planned for me. Ending the relationship right before CJ, I figured God wanted a single Sugar. Boy, was I wrong. Lo and behold I was to marry a man's man. One who was totally created and reared in the wild; a man who went against every web and flow there was. He didn't go over hurdles, he went through them. Our courtship was not a normal one filled with bouquets of flowers and sweet gifts. On the contrary, when we did get to see each other it was only on the weekends with an exhausted CJ driving 5 hours from the previous week of "training." Our "dates" were dutch and usually with an entourage of about half a dozen other friends who wanted to see CJ. I asked him early on in our courtship why he didn't bring me flowers or make special dates. He said, "Sugar, I'm planning to marry you. When we are married, I'm not going to do all of that stuff because that just isn't who I am. Why would I set you up to think that is what you're getting?"
Few people can handle CJ's no holds bar honesty. In a world where we teach our children to be politically correct, CJ is far from that. He does not seek out to hurt people's feelings- despite popular opinion- but he definitely has no problem speaking what is on his mind. Some find this brutish, but I LOVE IT (most days)! I don't have to worry if my butt looks too big or if I have something in my teeth. My man will not only tell me, but probably try to get me straight.
I didn't marry CJ for what he could do for me, though. I married him because of the man he was (and is). I didn't want a man to cater to my wants and needs. I wanted a man who would lead me to the ends of earth and spread the good news. My soul longed for a warrior and warriors don't always go with the flow and certainly aren't afraid of rocking the boat.

So, 8 moves, 4 dogs, 2 states, and 3 baby boys later, my man is still my man. "Hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed" (2 Cor. 4:8-9). All through our joys and trials, I love I can rely on CJ to fight with me (and sometimes against me). I love the way we feed off of each other. I love how we balance one another. Mostly, I love him. I hope our boys can see early on what a great man their dad is. I pray God allows us a long life together. There is no one I would rather fight the good fight with!

Note: Pictures to come soon :)

The Art of Annunciation II

Cole was playing in the floor with his cars. He looked up at me and said, "These are my pissin' cars, Mama." I said, "Your WHAT?!"
"My pissin' cars!"
I thought for a second and remembered he had been watching the races with his Poppy the day before. I said, "Cole, do you mean your PISTON cars?"
"Yes, Mama, my pissin' cars."

Monday, August 6, 2007

Best Mom Award Winner

We were on the interstate today and it was stop and go traffic (I mean, really, like no more than 10 MPH). Cole announces he has to pee and when I look back, sure enough, he is holding himself so I know it's for real. I quickly weigh if I should A) Let him wet his pants and his car seat, B) Pull over onto the median and pee in the grass, or C) Give him an empty Frappaccino bottle and hope his aim is pretty good. I chose option C. Along with that, I allowed Cole to let himself out of his car seat, stand in the floor of the Expedition, and pee into the bottle. So, here we are, traveling 10 MPH down I-26 (near Ashley Phosphate) and my 3-year old is peeing in the bottle! It was funny because every time he would start to go, so would we and then we would have to slow down or stop. He looked at me and said, "Mama, how can I do this with you making the car shake?" All I could think of was the lawman pulling up beside us. Thank goodness our windows are tinted!