Monday, June 30, 2008

It's All In the Name

Tonight we were having our family devo time and CJ was reading the story of Moses (We have an upper hand here thanks to the movie The Prince of Egypt the boys have seen a lot). At the end of the story, CJ says to the boys, "God had a special plan for Moses and He has a special plan for each of us. How does it make you feel to know God has somthing special for just you to do?"
Cole says, "It makes me happy."
Jonah (who I sometimes liken to Eeyore in personality) says, "It makes me sad."
I responded, "Why does that make you sad, Jonah?"
He replies, "Because I don't want to get thrown off the boat and eaten by the big fish! That will be very scary!"

Maybe having a biblical name could be a bit confusing for a 3 year old. LOL!

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Lovin'

What 8 month pregnant mom takes her 4 year old, 3 year old, and 21 month old to the beach one day and the water park the next in 100 degree heat?! Eww, eww, pick me, pick me!!!!

We decided on a little bru-ha-ha to Summerville before Olivia arrives in July. After that, I will be the food source and not able to do a whole lot with the boys alone- much less take the baby into the heat. We decided to go to the beach one day, the water park the next, and do some visitng with our Summerville friends the next day. It was a great plan, considering we were staying at Dena's fo' free while she and Da' Crew were cruisin' (Yay for them, sad for me ;)).

The Jeffcoat boys had an absolute blast!! It was Judah's first time at the beach and he did very well! He was a little freaked about the sand moving when the waves went back out; I think he thought it was going to take him too. Jonah was a bit more brave this year. He actually went out past his ankles! Of course, Cole wanted to be taken to the limit- as far as we could go. For me, that wasn't very far. My mom went too, so she was able to take him a bit further.

The next day, we went to the water park. Cole was SO excited he could get on some of the slides because he is now 42 inches tall. That again, was a Mimi deal. We laughed because Cole could technically go down the really big slide now, but NEITHER of us were about to tell him. We'll save that one for Daddy! Jonah went down the kiddie slide all by himself over and over, but still didn't want to brave the tube slide. Judah was just happy the ground wasn't moving! All of them talked big about standing under the bucket when it tipped out, but none of them would do it when the time came. Oh well, maybe next year. I know this post would be so much better with pictures and we even had a camera with us; but really, with my busy-body boys, there was no down time. We were standing and moving our heads to and fro constantly keeping up with them.

I actually over did it and got a little sick cutting our trip a day early, but it was SO worth it! My mom and I were exhausted and are just now starting to regain some sense about us. I'm looking forward to next summer when we will all be able to do a lot more!!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday 13

Many of you know how scatter- brained I am these days, so I leave my purse in the car as to not forget it when I leave the house. I decided to FINALLY clean it out this week and here are

13 Not-So-Common Objects I Found in My Purse
(which keeps getting bigger with each child):

1- A butter knife
2- 2 bottles of Infants' Motrin
3- Infants' Motrin dispenser
4- A plastic fork
5- Squishy, sticky toy that is supposed to stick to the wall when you throw it
6- A disposable camera
7- Mr. Spank
8- Thank- you cards (some filled in and some not)
9- Chewed up sucker sticks
10- Alphabet flash cards
11- Free range Skittles (I don't eat Skittles)
12- Already chewed gum wrapped up in sucker paper
13- Diapers and wipes

There were several other funny things I found, but I'll keep with the "13" theme.

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monday Menu- A Day Late

We were super busy yesterday so I'm just now posting this. All of the recipes for this week came from an issue of Southern Living. We'll see how they turn out!

Tuna Cornbread Cakes; Rice and Tomatoes

Savory Herb Pork Chops with Roasted Apples and Sweet Potatoes

Confetti Beans and Rice with Chicken; Caramelized Squash (Buffie's- Yummo!)

Good Ole' Pizza- which we might make at The Bailey B&B!

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