Friday, November 14, 2008

Nutty Treasure

I love raising boys! God teaches me so much through them.

When I emptied the washer out one day this is what I found: 2 acorns and a nut. I knew it could have only come from the pockets of one of my sweet guys.

"Jonah, look what I found in the washing machine."

"Mama! You found my treasure! Thank you so much. I just knew I had lost it!"

"I didn't find it, Jonah, the washing machine did. I just pulled it out after it was cleaned."

"But you rescued it, Mama. It would not have come out without you."

God reminded me this is how He sees us: cleaned off and rescued treasure- even if the world only sees nuts. To the Him, we are
the apple of His eye and His love never leaves us behind.

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Nuts and Goats

The boys and I went to my uncle's to pick up pecans. He has about 4 very mature trees in his front yard. We nuts had a great time collecting some nuts and feeding Clyde, the pecan eating dog. We were so excited when he announced my cousin's goats just had some kids about 3 days ago " 'round back" and asked if we wanted to go see them. HECK YEAH! We love some goats! Of course, my loving Judah was very persistent in trying to pick up one of the kids and I just knew the Mama was going to buck him. Thankfully, we got out of the gate with no one getting run over by the billies or the nannies!

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A Thespian, A Not So Much, An Eater, and a Cheerleader

Cole and Jonah had their Fall Concert a few weeks ago at preschool. Cole was SO into it. He really enjoyed being on stage, singing the songs and of course, the applause afterwards. But Jonah, not so much. He refused to even go up on stage. He sat on his best bud's mom's lap during the show. Judah ate pretzels during the whole time (even though we had eaten dinner beforehand) and Livi was there to cheer everyone on but really, she just wanted to sleep.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jeffcoat Acre

I have gotten a glimpse of what is it going to take to feed 3 boys- A LOT! These boys of ours wreak havoc on our food budget now and they aren't even teenagers!! CJ and I were excited at the thought of having an acre of land to plant a garden, but now we are planning to do a little homesteading as well. In the spring we are going to get some chickens and goats. Originally it was going to be for fun (because we don't have enough to keep us busy ;) ), but now with the Jeffcoat boys' hearty appetites well underway, it will be more for survival. Here are a few pics of Jonah and me getting our garden ready for planting. Since then, we have decided to expand it a little for spring.

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