Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Movie MAD-ness

So today was the first movie we went to see for the Summer Movie Festival- Curious George. I was very excited about this because I thought we were going to have to watch Ice Age 2 which we have seen. When we were granted access to the "Monkey Movie" instead- Wa-Hoo! The Wa-Hoo was short-lived.
First, let me just tell ya, being late to a FREE movie= not a good idea. Then we get behind the SLOWEST person buying popcorn. All the while, Cole and Jonah are climbing into Homer Simpson's lap from the huge display set up the Simpson's movie coming out (Rope?! What rope?). As I was corralling them back to line with me- which I could not leave from because it was obvious the people behind me would have let me have my space back- I looked down and saw a button had popped off of my shirt!!! Curvy girls can not afford buttons popping off- especially in the center! So into the theater we go; me holding my shirt closed as I'm grabbing for Jonah and making sure Cole is in tow. Total darkness! I thought they kept the lights up a little for the kiddies? Nope, total darkness. We find our seat- which by the way, we must commandeer an entire short row for my brood. We sit behind a family whose child is holding/ playing with an LED pin light. HELLO?!?!?! We're in a movie! Tell your crazy kid to turn off that dumb light! But no, she continues to allow him to swirl it around, to play with it like they were at home in the dark! AGHGAHGAGHA! By this time We are about 10 minutes into the movie- what a swell time!

THEN, I look over at Cole (who loves a movie and a bag of popcorn) and his cackle of happiness outshined that dumb LED light. Later in the movie, when George was smiling and laughing, Cole leans over to me and says, "Mommy, he's happy."
"Yes, Cole, he is."
"I'm happy too, Mommy."

NOTHING could have made a better morning.


LeslieW. said...

Yea! I'm glad you got to go...Curious George is soooomuch better than Ice Age!

Dena said...

That is one sweet boy! I do love me some Cole!!! They will never know the movie had started - they were there for the popcorn girl!

I am sooo glad you are blogalicious!