Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Reasons Why I Love October

1- The S.C. State Fair

2- My birthday (the 17th)!!!!

3- The leaves change

4- Chilly mornings (with coffee, of course)

5- Jeans and sweaters (maybe not so much on the sweaters again this year)

6- CRUISE-A-LICIOUS (leaving on the 24th)!!!!!!

7- My black leather boots I get to wear (It took me a couple years for CJ to let me buy them b/c I am not-so-graceful)

8- I can start CHRISTmas shopping

9- Having family pictures made for our CHRISTmas cards

10- Picking out our CHRISTmas cards

11- Going to the Pumpkin Patch

12- Little to no mosquitos or gnats (really, what is the purpose of gnats?)

13- The cruise!!!!! Oh, yeah, I said that one already!

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Buffie said...

Awesome list..I am so looking forward to all those things too, except the boots, I need some!! Oh, and the coffee, oh well, you'll have a cup for me!

Dena said...

LOVE IT ALL - especially DA CRUISE!!! I am going to try and make the fair so we can go together!

The Birds Nest said...

Fantastic list!! I'm a Libra too (the 7th). Libras are cool chicks!!!

Hillary said...

Happy Happy Birthday! And I'm JEALOUS of the cruise!!!!

LeslieW. said...

great list! Can't wait for you birthday! Maybe it will be a MNO celebration! Hmmm maybe I need to postpone the swap meet. Why don't you choose...Although free stuff may be a bonus too!