Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday 13

13 Things Said When We Told People We Were Pregnant:

1- "You have just taken my breath away."

2- "Are you kidding?"

3- "Are you serious?"

4- "I guess CJ wasn’t on lock down "(My personal favorite.)

5- "Are you guys sure you’re reading the directions correctly "(on the birth control)?

6- " Where are you gonna put all of those kids?"

7- "So, you think you got this figured out?"

8- "What are we going to do with Judah" (asked by Cole)?

9- "Now probably isn’t the best time for that"(REALLY?!?!!?).

10- "We really need a girl to spice things up around here" (There are NO great-grand girls yet on either side of the family.).

11- "You have your own play group."

12- "You must love being pregnant." (My response: “NO, but I love babies!”)

13- "You may as well go for another after this one" (My response: “NO!).

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Dena said...

heheheheh- people have no manners! HAHAHAHA!

Merrie said...

That is so funny. Glad you have a great sense of humor about all this. I know when I found out that I was pregnant with my 4th, I told God that He did NOT know what He was doing. (Yes, I'm a dumb blond!)
God does know what He is doing and she (my 4th) has been a blessing and a joy.
After they all grew up, I wished I had had more...

The LaBouffs said...

That's funny...I had a 'scare' a month or so ago and Jason and I just had to laugh at the thought of telling people I was pregnant AGAIN! We're not planning on getting an '08 model (unless God has other plans!)

William said...

I have to share mine when I heard..." WHO? Surely, not my Sugar?

Hahah! That's too funny. Please know that we all are SOOOO happy for ya'll and just know everything we be great. LOUD but great!

Carrie Davis said...

14. You have got to change your name because apparently CJ can't get enough.

LeslieW. said...

Those are just great! I laughed out loud! #4 is my favorite too, I think I remember hearing that! And dena is so funny with her hehehe's...I know one of those came from her. I heard a good one too.

"Sugar gets an A in being a a wife and mom...but an F in birth control!" I thought that was a good one too, and yes...people have no manners!