Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Thursday 13

Many of you know how scatter- brained I am these days, so I leave my purse in the car as to not forget it when I leave the house. I decided to FINALLY clean it out this week and here are

13 Not-So-Common Objects I Found in My Purse
(which keeps getting bigger with each child):

1- A butter knife
2- 2 bottles of Infants' Motrin
3- Infants' Motrin dispenser
4- A plastic fork
5- Squishy, sticky toy that is supposed to stick to the wall when you throw it
6- A disposable camera
7- Mr. Spank
8- Thank- you cards (some filled in and some not)
9- Chewed up sucker sticks
10- Alphabet flash cards
11- Free range Skittles (I don't eat Skittles)
12- Already chewed gum wrapped up in sucker paper
13- Diapers and wipes

There were several other funny things I found, but I'll keep with the "13" theme.

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The LaBouffs said...

That's hilarious! I did the same thing last night and found an uncooked pasta shell! Where in the world it came from...I'll never know!!!

Hillary said...

I like how they are referred to as "free range" skittles! And I'm curious, what is Mr. Spank?? :)

LeslieW. said...

Love it! Hope you are feeling better.

April Emery said...

LOVE this .... pocket books can house some of the most amazing things.

~shea~ said...

If your Mr.Spank is anything like our Mr.Spoon, then I bet you were really missin' him!

Jeffcoat House said...

Mr. Spank is our wooden spoon we spank the boys with and we have more than one b/c sometimes ours becomes MIA.

Dena said...

hahahahahaha - that's awesome! you may need a bigger purse when LIVI gets here!