Friday, July 18, 2008

The Waiting Game

Even though my actual due date isn't until this Monday (the 21st) I was hoping my activity level throughout this pregnancy would allow for an earlier exit. That would be a no go. So, what are we to do? STAY BUSY. That is exactly what we have done despite my increasing fatigue. Keeping going is much better than leaving 3 very active little boys to themselves during too much free time. We've been enjoying Mimi and Poppy's pool a great deal as well as a sweet trip day trip to the 'Ville. We even had a short visit from some our surrogate family from California (She took all the pictures with her.). Our new found treasure has been the spray pools at the various parks around town. The boys play without getting overheated and then come home and crash for a nap- YES!!!!

Hopefully we'll a have a little girl in our midst soon!

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The Tylers said...

Oh girl...I feel your pain. This morning I had a MAJOR false alarm and got soooo excited. Now I am in a funk. My due dates ranged from July 18-24th. I am READY and don't know how you are doing it with 3 boys! Hopefully they entertain themselves. We will be praying for you guys!

Hillary said...

If you have her tomorrow you'll have her on my birthday!! Are you scheduled for a C-sec??

Everyone's having a girl except for me - no fair! Maybe I'll have to try for a fourth to get a girl. But then . . . that's still only a 50/50 shot!