Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Married

While sitting on my lap outside, Cole asked me for a kiss. When I gladly obliged, he said, "No, Mama, like this." Then he proceeds to move his mouth open and closed (His interpretation of how his dad and I kiss). I said, "You only kiss like that when you're married." Cole pulled his chin toward his neck sweetly and said, "I married to you, Mama."
"No, I'm married to Daddy. And besides what about your princess Abby?"
"Well, Abby is my princess, but you can be my married."


The LaBouffs said...

Aww! I love how little boys love their momas!!

LeslieW. said...

That is sooo sweet...but he better not let Kane catch him trying to married kiss Abby! starts so young now. It seems like just yesterday that Kane was the culprit. My Dad called them sniffers.

Dena said...

What a sweetie pie - Abby better be on the look out and Cole better be on the RUN - Kane I do believe still own a gun! hahahahahahahaha!

And Abby IS a princess!

Ben, Steph, Little Linnea, & Katie Kat said...

How adorable!