Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

13 Things That I Will Enjoy While in Columbia
(Not an exhaustive list)

1- The Bullet: I'm digging protein drinks for breakfast and my mom has this thing that whips 'em up fast without having to clean the big blender

2- Dogs: I'm a dog-lover and we haven't had one since I was pregnant with Jonah. Being back in Lexington on the land has reminded me how much I love me some dogs!

3- Fans: Despite being pretty comfortable temperature wise, my parents still run these floor fans. They are awesome at drowning out noise. All of the boys are sharing a room right now and running one of these in there has definitely helped.

4- Hills: I forgot how hilly this place is. Charleston is really flat compared to Cola- town.

5- Avon: My aunt is an Avon rep and I'm always on the look out for better skin care. I love this Anew line Avon has.

6- The Dam: Lexington is rebuilding the dam on Lake Murray and the way traffic flows you drive right beside the massive stones used to build the dam. Plus, getting ready to go across it you see the amazing vastness looking across Lake Murray.

7- The Rivers: I know Charleston has rivers, but I don't know that you could actually river walk them. The Broad River here gets low enough you can actually walk across it on the rocks. It's very slippery, but we did it all of the time when we lived here before we were married. Plus, you can often find rope swings hanging from nearby trees.

8- The Firm Gym is here: I haven't actually gone yet (I can't find my sneakers) but I'm looking forward to actually going to some live classes. I've done the videos and it is a whoppin' work out. I hope the class music isn't as cheesy as the videos.

9- The Restaurants: Now you know I like to eat! Columbia has some good places to eat; but Lexington has exploded with good restaurants. And I like the little hole in the wall joints that tend to stay off of the mainstream, so I'm looking forward to checking them all out. Yes, all of them!

10- Grandparents: They are the best. CJ's grandma is close by, my Me-ma is not too far, an my Great-grandmother (Mo) is right down the road. Although we can't spend large chunks of time at once with them, I love to hear their stories and see how they handled the stresses of raising babies (Our grandmothers had 4 kids each and Mo had 3).

11- FREE BABYSITTERS! Wow! Sarah is worth every penny, but it makes a HUGE difference not to have to pay to go out.

12- TV in our room. We haven't ever had a TV in our bedroom, but we didn't want to store it in storage because of the moisture. It is nice to have the boys pile up in our bed and we all watch a movie together.

13- My mom: I mean, really, she is the best. As different as we are we are so much the same. Plus, she is a firm believer in retail therapy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow sounds like a great place! I think I might have to just come visit, Heck I just move there too!
Wait a minute.... You have replaced me?? :( haha! Love yall!

Jeffcoat House said...

You are irreplaceable- and not just for your supremo child care skills! You rock, Superstar; and you will ALWAYS have a home away from home with us. I need some more girl-power!

LeslieW. said...

That is a great list, I'm kinda jealous of the restaurants. Ours are getting old. Sarah is irreplaceable! Today is her last day...sniff sniff.

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Love the list! I miss hills, too. Bet it's fantastic with all those family members nearby!

The LaBouffs said...

Sounds like a good place to live! I'm glad you have family close by...that is always helpful! Maybe you need to go to therapy...retail therapy and find some new tennis shoes so you can walk across the river on your way to one of the hole in the wall joints and then go work out at The Firm :)

Dena said...

Dude - I am glad you can think of thirteen reasons - I can't think of ANY good reasons for you to be in COLUMBIA - Leigh Ann might disagree - You haven't even been there a week and I am already THERE so she will get to see me more and SHE'S glad you are there!
I want you HOME!!!!!

Melissa said...

we miss you already :( I need one of those bullet things. how cool!

Jeffcoat House said...

Rebecca- you are too too funny. I laughed out loud!

Buffie said...

Okay, for the places to eat, put Five Guys down. It's across from the mall on Harbison. Sooooo good, best cheeseburgers ever. Totally kid friendly and affordable. Of course I would only comment about the food thing...