Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two-fer Tuesday

We have NOT had a good week- and it's only Tuesday! It's pretty depressing so I'll spare you the details, but my two-fer Tuesday is:

Two Lessons Learned From Trial and Tribulation

1) Never underestimate your children. They are brilliant, brave, and fiercely resilient. Under the most stressful of circumstances they surprise you the most with how encouraging, loving, and helpful they can be.

2) It constantly amazes me how God takes me to the brink of my breaking point and reels me back in. He is stretching me spiritually and psychologically at the same time this physical body of mine is being stretched out of whack. He constantly reminds me how faithful and steadfast He is above all. Just when I want to crawl into a ball and disappear, His light shines through and brightens my day. Thank you, Jesus!

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elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Visiting from Jennisa's blog. She did a makeover for me a few months back, and I always like to check out her handiwork. Hope you don't mind.

I'm with you on the kid thing. I have 4, 3 boys and the caboose being a girl. Yours are close in age. Mine spread from 19 down to 5.

Hang in there, mom. It seems like a lifetime...these few years of crazy, but soon it will blossom into a sweet remembrance.