Friday, November 14, 2008

Nutty Treasure

I love raising boys! God teaches me so much through them.

When I emptied the washer out one day this is what I found: 2 acorns and a nut. I knew it could have only come from the pockets of one of my sweet guys.

"Jonah, look what I found in the washing machine."

"Mama! You found my treasure! Thank you so much. I just knew I had lost it!"

"I didn't find it, Jonah, the washing machine did. I just pulled it out after it was cleaned."

"But you rescued it, Mama. It would not have come out without you."

God reminded me this is how He sees us: cleaned off and rescued treasure- even if the world only sees nuts. To the Him, we are
the apple of His eye and His love never leaves us behind.

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calicodaisy said...

Enjoy this time. Before you know it, they'll be in college and you'll be trying to recapture the memories! I found your blog under Live Traffic Feed Lexington Blogosphere. It looks like it connects Midlands bloggers. I'm in Lexington, SC. -- Michele

The White Family said...

I found your blog off of my friend Heather's page!! It's so cute! How did you make your signature? I have been wanting to create something like that but have no clue where to start. Thanks so much.

Merrie said...

What treasures! Your boys... They sure know how to put things into perspective for us don't they?

davispictures said...

LOVE it. Good thought to chew on.