Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thursday 13

13 Things I Can Not Get Enough of Right Now

1- Sleep- Really, I think I could sleep for days!

2- Cereal and milk- I would eat these for all meals if I could

3- Sweatpants/ gauchos- My mom's LEAST favorite part of me being pregnant. She hates gauchos!

4- A clean enough house- Never gonna happen in this season

5- Water- My pee is almost clear, yet, I still can't get enough!

6- Mascara- Something to make me look awake!

7- My super soft red house coat- Again, the fashion diva I am. I actually use this as a blanket when I'm napping.

8- Lost- I got hooked on this while pregnant with Judah. CJ and I would lay in the bed and watch the old episodes to catch up. Now, I can only watch one a week- sad.

9- Air fresheners/ candles burning- My ole factory senses are crazy! I can smell trash with a new bag in the can.

10- De-cluttering- WHOO HOO! I am getting rid of the boy clothes tonight! I hope that ultra sound tech was right.

11- CJ’s pillow- I got used to sleeping on this when he was working nights, and now I can't have it anymore and can't find one just like it! It's so fluffy!

12- Obsessing over my hormone chin hair- yes, I have this one witch hair that grows from the corner of my chin when I'm pregnant. Thankfully, it's light-colored and soft so it doesn't protrude out, but still. I'm constantly looking to see if it's grown back yet so I can pluck it!

13- Hot fudge cake sundae with peanut butter from Sonic- I gotta figure out how to make these myself with way fewer calories! Also, Oreo cookies. It's sad they are now fun spring colors b/c it makes me want them even more! I haven’t gained any weight so far, I think this month’s visit will be a little different!

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Buffie said...

I love it!!!! Dude...really? No weight gain so far?? That's awesome!!! So, is Olivia it??

Melissa said...

Hot fudge cake sundae...mmmm!

Dena said...

Did you say SLEEEEEP????

LeslieW. said...

Gotta say, gaucho pants may be my least favorite article of clothing ever. What's wrong with jeans?