Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 13

When we went to Summerville to have our “Bunny Pictures” made, the Baileys and Wrights invited us to go eat with them. They have precious, sweet, contained girls. We have 3 boys. I wanted to give some insight as to why we RARELY- if ever- go to a sit down restaurant with our crew.

13 Reasons I Can Not Take My Boys Out to Restaurants

1- We can’t afford it. This is not an implication of being broke, but it is expensive for us to eat out. It easily costs us over $20 for all 5 of us to eat just at McDonald’s.

2- Cole and Jonah think it is absolutely hilarious when they burp; therefore, guess what I have to listen to while we are eating. And don’t give me “Train the child” stuff- as soon as I fuss at them for fake burping and explain we don’t do that, they burp for real and start busting out laughing!

3- CJ can not handle extra noise. Really, it drives him bonkers when we go out and the boys are just talking loudly. He loses his patience pretty quickly.

4- The tables aren’t big enough. When everyone is seated and all of the meal comes, plus drinks, plus napkins, plus condiments- there is no room to eat!

5- I always feel so badly for leaving a huge mess on the floor and table. I used to clean the floor myself, but I can’t bend down very well right now. I do try to stack the dishes, though.

6- Something always gets spilled. It’s just inevitable. There are days when I wish my boys were catatonic for an hour or two, but it just ain’t happening; they are busy, expressive, and curious.

7- They always want what the other brother wants.

8- Have you met Judah?

9- They always finish eating before we do. No coloring page is going to hold my boys’ attentions. Nope: puzzles, table games, or books won’t do the job either. My boys like to be in the know and involved.

10- They love an audience. What better audience than a bunch of strangers we will never see again at a restaurant. So they will dance and sing and have an all out WWE match!

11- They like to eat sugar packets. Yeah, I know, gross. But I usually have to hide the fake sugar and sugar packets from the table.

12- The waitress/ waiter usually gets something wrong on our order b/c of all of the business at our table. It’s not always loud, just little hands everywhere and moving around. I’m sure it’s a sight for someone who isn’t used to it. We don’t know any other way.

13- I don’t have the energy. Really, it’s exhausting for me to take them on an outing like that. I use less energy just going through a drive-through and going home to eat.

We know this is just a season, so it doesn’t bother us. Our friends think we have lost our minds, but the true ones invite us out regardless- those brave souls!

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The Tylers said...

Thanks for the potty training advice. I laughed about your list because even having just 1 boy has prevented us from eating out with friends...I can't imagine 3. Boys are just different and I think it is funny when my friends with girls sit and watch in horror as Thomas puts on his typical 'boy' show. :)

Buffie said... feel your pain. My Mac...hmmm. He is wild, but I cannot imagine 3 of him and you are so patient. Add my husband to the mix and it is just one more child as he can't stand all of it. I miss you so much. Big hug from me to you!

The LaBouffs said...

I am sooooooo feeling you! I only have 2 kids right now, but KNOW exactly what you mean! We hardly eat at resturants that don't have to go/take out or a drive thru anymore!! Like you said, this is temporary and only for a season...thank GOD!!

LeslieW. said...

So sad, we might have to head that way someday too, but were gonna hold out as long as possible!

For emergencies, we do play dough at the table. My girls son't like to color long either...they end up on the floor quickly.

Dena said...

That's why we have started PIZZA night at my house - it's the only meal I can get through with more than just the girls and I usually still have to drink!

Boys are R O U G H!