Saturday, January 3, 2009


Who would have thought adding one more to the mix would take so much more time, but it really does. Of course, when you factor in feeding, changing, making sure no one jumps on her head, I guess our little Olivia does take up a bit more than her 10 pounds might suggest. This will serve a a short and sweet reminder to myself (and those of you who faithfully check in on us) that I need to show you all our awesome family! I have had so much fun with them, I haven't even made time to brag on them or share their funny stories; I mean, really, the Jeffcoat boys can crack a person up. Hopefully, I will get some air in the next day or two to share. Besides that, God has been moving me in some specific areas of my being. I save those thoughts for my other blog, because, really, most of you just want the "fun stuff." It's in my being to be pretty heavy- much more than most want to handle- so I share those thoughts elsewhere. I'll be updating that as well. For now, it's off to fold my ever growing pile of laundry!

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