Thursday, February 28, 2008

Foundation Friday

This is John 16:33, but the entire chapter of 16 is great (read it here). I am amazed how often I run into strong believers who really believe they are above having hard times. It's as though they have risen above not knowing which direction God wants for them, or going through a season of need, or even just being spiritually dry. Have we forgotten we live in a FALLEN world, the same one Satan was given rule over- HELLO!?!? Yet, we expect to be better than "God with skin on" and always know what to do next or even from where our next meal comes. I think the enemy has trapped us in our pride way more than we like to admit. NOTHING is attained on our own efforts. Yes, we will have many trials in this life. If you're aren't struggling on some level, I would ask who you're serving. Why would God make it so comfortable here that we would not long to go home? Hmmmmmm...

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LeslieW. said...

Amen, dude. I have teetered every now and then on that idea. Then comes the guilt and condemnation and the frantic "what am I doing wrong!" God totally knows what he's doing. There are many days, especially with toddlers when I am like "take me now!!!" Although some comfort every now and then would be nice! I suppose I have the eye of the beholder.