Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

My "Wordless Wednesdays" are NEVER wordless. I need to think of a new name for it for me. Anyway, remember these little darlings?!

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The LaBouffs said...

Wow...everyone is so little bitty and young! SO cute!

Dena said...

O My goodness - look at our sweet little ones! they were soooooo tiny! and ADORABLE!

Abby and Reese said...

So much fun! Look how short Abby's hair is!!! And that silky of coarse. Sad, I can see that my couch has seen better days!

Anonymous said...

What a fun blast from the past! They are all so small, but they all look exactly the same! Wow, and I remember how hard I thought it was to have one child. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa.
Can you imagine how big the play group would be if we all got back together again!? We wouldn't fit into Leslie's little house! Love ya, Carrie