Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meet the Newest Addition..

to the Jeffcoat House.

We have known for a while we were headed in the minivan direction. I mean, we loved our SUV, but seriously, gas is $3.00 a gallon!! There is no way we were going to spend close to $100 a week to fill up (yes, it costs that much for a V-8 like our Expedition was)! So last year I actually started talking about "the minivan" to CJ. We got rid of the pricey Expedition when we moved to Lexington and have been driving a Taurus. It wasn't ideal, but we all fit and it was economical. When we found out we were prego, we knew the car was not going to work for us much longer- we began praying for God's provision. We are living on less than a quarter of our previous salary which in no way was going to afford us a SAFE minivan, much less to go back into a large enough SUV- but with God all things are possible (Luke 1:37) and we know He has plans to prosper us (Jeremiah 29:11).

Lo, and behold, we received a super generous gift that allowed us to purchase a van. PRAISE BE TO JESUS! We had been doing research for quite some time so we had become very familiar with what was in our price range and what the consumer reports said. Much to CJ's dismay (having been in the car industry) I had been speaking with a wholesaler already. However, CJ was put to rest when the son called and said, "My dad overheard us talking when you were in here the other day and went over the weekend and found this van for you. It is a one-owner van and it is loaded. We are going to leave it out for you to come by to see it and take to your mechanic for a look over. If he finds anything, let us know, and we'll fix it. I believe this is the one for your family."

Sure enough our long-standing family mechanic looked it over and not only gave it an ok, but said, "You're getting a really good deal with this." Yahoo!

The boys have already chosen which seat is theirs and they are both in the very back which means great news for my ears! We are all safe and not trying to figure out who will get strapped to the luggage rack when the baby comes!

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Dena said...

The minivan can - get ALL of you down to the Ville for a visit soon! That's awesome!!! there will be room for another Jeffcoat! and some to spare!

Shannon said...

You will LooooOOOOOVE a van!

Hillary said...

Welcome to mini-van life. I'm surprised you are just now joining us. I've already been there since kid #2! I can't imagine not having a van for the kids and all their stuff. Man, I thought $50 was bad to fill up!! Are you serious?? $100??!

Melissa said...

hip-hip hooray!!

Jeffcoat House said...

"Are you serious?? $100??!"

The last time we filled up our Expedition the gas was sitting at 2.80 something and it was over $80. No, I'm not kidding.

The LaBouffs said...

well, you did it....you got sucked in to minivan mom world :) I don't know if i can do that or not.... gas isn't that big of deal for us...yes, it's expensive and only expected to rise. however, i don't go very many places. we are content playing at home most of the time and so we don't leave the house very much except to drive the 2 miles to walmart or something.

Abby and Reese said...

Congrats dude! Can't wait to see it! I you and the boys are much happier with a bit more space!

April Emery said...

sweet ride!!! we have a 2001 chrysler town and country (got a great deal on ours too!) and we LOVE it! it has been a great van. we hope you guys enjoy the van! it will be SOOOO nice with all the kids (and on trips, too!). wuhoo! so excited to see how God has provided for you guys!

(oh, ... the mileage thing is nice with van ... we get 400-500 miles on our tank ... and our gas up here is $3.20 or around that!!! yikes!)

Velocity Sisters said...

that is so awesome!! Congrats!!