Monday, April 14, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Ok, so last week's menu did not come into fruition all of the way. I'm going to try harder to get to the grocery store this afternoon to get everything I need. If you see something I had on the menu for last week, it means I didn't make it.

Black Bean Soup w/ Tortilla Chips

Crock Pot Hash over Rice; Tossed Salad

Mexican Chicken Casserole

Bar-B-Q ribs (in the crock pot); Mashed Potatoes; Steamed Broccoli


Mom's Lasagna


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LeslieW. said...

Sounds great, I need to work on mine for a trip to the store too. We are sharing a car today so I may have to go tonight. I cooked every night last week except for date night, or leftovers I guess. Although, something we ate yesterday made us sick. I actually got out of small group because I vomitted on the way!

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Would you consider sharing your crock-pot hash recipe???

Wani said...

Do you create your own menu plan or get one pre-made? Everything on this menu sounds good. I want the recipes!

Jeffcoat House said...

I create our own depending on what is going on in our week and what stuff we have left around the house from the previous week (left over ingredients). Send me your email and I'll be glad to send you all of the recipes.

The Tylers said...

That is awesome. Have you ever thought about the 'once a month' cooking thing? I actually take 1 day a month when Jamie can watch Thomas and I cook all day long. I put the meals in glass dishes and freeze them...then during the month, I pull them out as I need them. I cook the veggies fresh but it REALLY saves me a lot of time. You can seriously freeze almost any meal for up to 3 months...some even longer. I don't see HOW you do it!

Jeffcoat House said...

I love doing the once a month cooking thing! But right now I don't have the stamina to cook and clean up for that long (it would take me a full 8-10 hours and that was after planning and shopping). I do that when I'm not prego, though. It does save MUCHO time- and money! It is well worth spending one day in the kitchen.

The LaBouffs said...

I have to make a menu most every week before I head to the store. Otherwise, we end up with lots of junk and nothing to make a complete meal out of :) I love to cook and come up with new things to try so it's fun for me! Your menu sounds yummy!

Dena said...

So fun - i wish Leslie would list what we were having every week!