Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday 13

So after last week's horrible day (it has been much better, thanks), I feel I must remind all how precious my energetic boys can be and usually are.

13 Sweet Things the Boys are Doing Right Now

1- Cole is really into complementing obscure things. Last week I was wearing a tank top and he said, “Mama, I like your breasts. They look pretty.” Umm, thanks.

2- Jonah likes to remind me how he is listening by saying things like, “I obeying, Mama.”

3- Judah loves to bring stuff to you- and he brings it all!

4- Cole likes to look for bugs and share the caterpillars with his brothers- even though he knows there is a high likelihood they will be squished. He is trying to teach them to be gentle. I hear him saying, "Now don't hurt him. We have to put him on a tree to be with his family."

5- Jonah says, “Thank you” for EVERYTHING. “Thank you for my milk, Mama.” “Thank you for handing me my blanket, Mama.” “Thank you for wiping me, Mama.”

6- Judah likes to cuddle. He’ll sit in the crook of your arm and watch TV. He also DARES either of his brothers to come over and try to get on my lap while he is there. It’s not pretty. He's small, but he's a scrapper.

7- Cole is cleaning up his toys and dishes without being asked- some of the time.

8- Jonah will walk up to me at any given point (even after I’ve just finished fussing at them) and pucker his lips and say, “Gimme a fiss, Mama.”

9- Judah likes to bury his head into CJ’s chest. It’s really cute and CJ can’t help but immediately stop what he’s doing and kiss him.

10- Cole is doing more for his brothers. He will get them a cookie if he is getting himself one or lay out their blankets on the floor when they are having “picnics” in the living room.

11- Jonah, after saying prayers at night, always says, “Mama, I want you to sleep with me.” It’s so cute I can’t hardly stand to say, “Hmmm, no, but I love you.”

12- Judah is doing so much better with our dog, Emma. He still likes to poke her eyeballs and pull her tail, but he is kissing her so much more and “petting” her- which actually is more like smacking her on top of her head over and over. We have made some progress.

13- They are all sleeping in a bit later which is AWESOME!!! The past few mornings they have not gotten up before 7:30- that is a HUGE deal in our house. My early riser usually gets up around 6:30ish- UGH! Thanks, Boys!

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Dena said...


Abby and Reese said...

So sweet! I am so glad that you focused on the blessings today...we forget that sometimes! I also like #1!

Amy said...

#1 is a riot! Hope that all is well...

Susie said...

I love that list. You do have sweet boys and remember that all boys LOVE their mama!

Merrie said...

What pure sweetness. It sure makes things easier when you can see positive... I love that they love each other - you are doing a great job!