Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Funny

Multi-tasking at its best!

The boys and I were going through the drive thru at "McSonic" as Cole calls it (Actually, it's just Sonic). Jonah announces he has to pee pee. He has done so well being potty trained, but, he does not give himself much time when he realizes he has to go. Usually, when he tells me he has to pee pee, we have all of about 30 seconds to get to the bathroom, pull his pants down, and get on the toilet. Obviously, we were going to be more than 30 seconds in the drive thru line. I frantically look around outside of the van for an inconspicuous place for him to pee- no good. This Sonic didn't even even have any decent bushes! I had just taken our potty inside that I usually keep in the van for just sort of occasion. I had resolved myself that I was going to have to clean up pee pee out of the van carpet. Then, I spotted it. It was beautiful! In the passenger seat was a Styrofoam cup left over from Friday night dinner. I told Jonah to get himself out of his seat belt and come up front with me (we are still in the drive thru line). I pulled his pants down and told him to point into the cup and pee pee.

So, here we are: I have my right hand holding the cup while my fore finger is "helping Jonah's aim" and my left hand on the steering wheel while my foot lets off the brake so we can pull up and I give the speaker our order. There has to some award for that, right? Jonah successfully pees in the cup and all is well. When he got back to his seat, Cole says to him, "Good job, Jonah. You've just pee peed like a real big boy." I'm not sure what that meant; but it sounded cute.

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The LaBouffs said...

That's AWESOME! I'm both of you! That's the nice thing with boys, they can pee just about anywhere! Sometimes I wish we had the same option to just 'point and shoot'!ha ha

LeslieW. said...

So funny! We're not that lucky with girls. That what the spare pull ups are for.

April Emery said...

wow ... you are wonder woman for sure! way to think of your feet!

oh, no signs on janelle yet ... i haven't heard from paulette about if she knows how to get hold of her ... have you found her yet?

Susie said...

ABSOLUTLY, that wins a huge MOMMY OF THE YEAR award. I am so impressed. I really thought I was good on the phone, feeding a bottle and kicking the toys back to the appropriate room, but you WIN!!!

Dena said...

That is multitasking at it's BEST? or I would say worst - you do make a good argument that boys are easier! hahahah - i can't imagine any of our girls doing that!