Monday, August 27, 2007

Moving Tales

Really?! I mean, I know things could be so much worse, but the moving experience has not been so much fun yet. Here are a couple of stories to read if you think you're having a bad day.

Rain, Rain

First off, let us give a super shout out to our awesome friend, Kane, daddy of the Wright Girls! He would not say this to us right now, but we know how much he detests moving; yet, he still helped us yesterday! Thanks, Kane! So CJ and Kane brought a load of stuff up to Columbia yesterday (Sunday- oh yeah, did I mention Kane takes his Sabbath very seriously and truly likes to take advantage of the day of rest- Thanks, again, Kane!). On the way up, our tarp tore and then blew off. That was not a big deal until they hit a torrential rain storm. All of our stuff on the trailer got soaked! When they got to the storage unit, it was still raining like a mad dog but we had to unload! We started an assembly line- me on the trailer, CJ taking boxes from the trailer, and Kane putting the boxes in the storage unit. Well, CJ slipped and fell hurting his wrist and bloodying up his knee (Note to self: wet metal + sneakers= bad fall). Meanwhile, I AM SOAKED. I have on these thin khaki colored pants which now can be seen straight through. Praise the Lord my undies were dark colored so you couldn't see through those! Needless, to say, unloading was an adventure. Oh, yeah, it stopped raining right after we finished unloading.


While at Target in Lexington, Cole got super excited about going to see the Thomas trains. As he was running he slid and hit his chin on the wheel on the buggy. I picked him up tp console him, and when I lifted his head up to dry his eyes, there was this clean deep gash. It was obvious he needed stitches. I calmly called CJ over and asked if he could take Cole to the bathroom to get a wet papertowel while I took Jonah and Judah to the car. We went to the doctor and Cole ended up with 3 sutures which will come out next week. Of course, there were medical posters in the "surgery room" of the digestive system; so here I am explaining in toddler-ease how the digestive system works as we wait for the doctor to come in. I'll be posting pictures in the next day or so (of the sutures, not the digestive system :) ).

I'm pressed but not crushed
persecuted not abandoned
Struck down but not destroyed
I'm blessed beyond the curse
for His promise will endure
And His joy's gonna be my strength
Though the sorrow may last for the night
His joy comes with the morning...

~Darryl Evans (Lyrics to "Trading My Sorrow")

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Amy said...

WOW! That is a story...And I'm sorry, did you mention you are moving to Columbia?!?!? When are you moving??

Dena said...

Oh soooo sad- I am devastated ALL the way around! Can't wait to hear Kane's version of the story and to see Cole's battle scars - did I mention I ALREADY miss you and might cry!

The LaBouffs said...

OMG! that makes my day seem so much better! At least you know, that you won't be due for one of those days for a LONG time now :) are moving to Columbia? I didn't realize that!! Well, I hope you and all your boys get settled in soon!

Jeffcoat House said...

We are moving this week. Our house closes on Friday (the 31st) and it was just decided a week or so ago to go to Cola-town.

LeslieW. said...

So glad I could lend out my hubby for a day! It's nice to have the house to myself sometimes. I hope all your stuff dries out and I am soooo sorry about Cole's boo boo.

FabulousLee Fun Twin Tales said...

Holy Cow! What a day you all had! Hope all the injured heal quickly and that everything is dry by now.

Miss you tons!

Hillary said...

Yes, I would have to say the MOST fun summer I ever had was when Dave and I moved twice! I can totally relate!!

I'm sad to hear about the stitches. At least you were calm about it!