Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday 13

13 Things I say to my boys (Sometimes daily, but not necessarily in this order)

1- “Good Morning!”

2- “That is too rough.”


4-“No, we cannot watch Thomas- AGAIN!”

5- “You’re talking too loudly.”

6- “We don’t have any milk (because they go through 2 gallons a week!).”

7- “No, you can not have a popsicle for breakfast!”

8- “Pull up your pants! We do not pee in the front yard!”

9- “Stop jumping on the couch!”

10- “I love you!”

11- “Stop running in the kitchen!”

12- “Do you have to be in the bathroom with me?!”

13- “Don’t bring that bug inside. I don’t care if he’s your buddy and I don’t care if he’s dead!”


LeslieW. said...

That's a great list, I'll have to do that one sometime. It will be slightly different than with girls!

Hillary said...

Two gallons a week? Shoot - that's NOTHING. Jake will go through a gallon in one day. I'm NOT exaggerating. I have to tell him he HAS to eat before he can have any more milk. We go through at least 3 a week, and I'm going to have to put a cap on it. 3 cups a day or something!!

My favorite thing on your list is, "You're talking too loudly." I love it! Because the talking never ceases with little ones! I can relate!!

The LaBouffs said...

ha ha ha...Oh the joys of having boys!!:) Is CJ included in some of these comments? Great list!

Dena said...

Now that's fun! BOYS! I don't think I have said ANY of those things (well maybe the popsicle)!

The Tylers said...

Your website is really cute...I am not talented enough to figure out how to do all that. Just wanted to say that I LOVE the list and I guess that is what I have to look forward to in the upcoming months :)